PT. Dana Brata Luhur
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Business Activities

PT. Dana Brata Luhur is a Parent Company that carries out capital participation in infrastructure projects or companies. Through the Subsidiary, PT. Talenta Bumi, the company focuses on running a b...

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Target Market

Specializes in providing hauling services from captive coal producers in and around Talenta, which is located in a coal basin area with an excess of 800 million metric tonne of coal resources.

Unique Selling Point

Talenta Deep Draft enables the company to effectively handle barge of up to 330 ft and handle up to 12,000 metric tonne, making coal barging more cost efficient. Talenta is well maintained, allowing uninterrupted operations 24/7 in all weather conditions. Latest coal-handling equipment enables Talenta Port to meet stringent requirements of coal power plants, which are loaded from our port to overseas markets in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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