Sustainability Development

Sustainability Development

Sustainability Strategy

The Company runs its business in the field of energy resource infrastructure which is divided into 4 business activities: Transport Road, Coal Port, Jetty and Conveyor and special Jetty for Trucks. The Company is aware of and highly committed to environmental management. A good, comfortable and sustainable environment is as important as the development of the Company’s business and needs to go hand in hand.

This report will contain information on how the Company runs its coal infrastructure business and anticipates the impact of its business activities on the environment. This report is a reflection of the Company’s accountability and transparency that can be accounted for to all stakeholders, hoping that the Company can continuously be trusted and relied on.

Business Strategy Plan

The Company’s strategic plans have been embedded in the Company’s Vision and Mission which have been realized through operational and business activities that are in line with economic, social and environmental aspects. The scope of the Company’s operational and business activities includes energy efficiency in electricity, water, use of fuel, development of the surrounding community and environmental protection which includes the Company’s employees.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Mitigation System

The Company runs a system of monitoring, evaluating and mitigating operational activities through the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, Business and Operations Meetings. In addition, the Company also carries out internal controls covering the work unit as a whole to ensure the implementation of the Sustainability Aspects goes well in every line.

Sustainability Report


Sustainability Performance (page 142)

Sustainability Report


Committed to Sustainable Development