Principles and Guidelines

Principles and Guidelines

Good Corporate Governance is a fundamental element for our sustainable business continuity, improving performance and maximizing corporate value in a long term.

The implementation of GCG in all decisions taken is based on high moral values and integrity, compliance with regulations and awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to related parties (stakeholders).

Our company always aligns business ethics and work ethics with the Company’s Vision and Mission as well as the GCG Implementation Guidelines to operates with the principles of being transparent, accountable, responsible, independent, disciplined and fair at all times.

Code of Conduct

The Company’s code of conduct is used as a guide for employees in their behaviour and is universally applicable by emphasizing the importance of:

  1. Carrying out duties and responsibilities
  2. Understanding the Company’s law and regulation

The Company’s Code of Conduct was socialized to all elements of the Company, ranging from Board of Commissioners, Directors, to all employees through:

  1. Email administrator sent to all employees.
  2. When signing a letter of employment agreement between company employees and company management.
  3. Manual/Guide Distribution.

The enforcement of the Company’s Code of Conduct is implemented in a reporting mechanism that can be used by employees to report suspected violations of the implementation of the code of conducts to superiors. The report will be further processed if accompanied by accurate data and/or evidence. Punishment will be imposed in accordance with applicable regulations for any violation of the Code of Conducts. The Company’s Code of Conducts universally applies to all levels of staff, Directors and members of the Board of Commissioners.



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